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evidence-based business growth strategy services

We are a leading company with extensive knowledge and experience of business intelligence, data science and digital marketing. We believe that data is a valuable asset for any business at any stage of its growth. Whether you are at the seed stage of your business, or rapidly expanding, unlock your market insight and growth foresight with our continuous services and support.

What we do

Affordable BI, digital marketing and strategic consultation for SMEs

Integrated Services

The Unitel helps SMEs and entrepreneurs make the most out of their online opportunities and the data available to them. It is a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. With our integrated approach to business intelligence, digital marketing and strategic consultation, you will benefit from aggregation of services and their synergetic effects.

Affordable Prices

Our aggregated services are designed and tailored based on the needs of SMEs at their different phases of development. Our goal is to reduce the price of these services with a new business model. The Unitel brings forward subscription model. Moreover, you would be able to cancel your membership in case of not being satisfied with our services.

Continuous Support

At Unitel, we aim to continuously define, build, manage and deliver information that transforms business performances and outcomes. This journey is complemented with our continuous consultancy support to create value and wisdom from data. Our team gives you customised and highly professional advice to maximise your impact assessment and appraisal.

112 Datasets analysed
33 Scientific methods
47 Reports created
20 Countries worked

Who can we help?

We offer evidence and data to help you in your process


Do you need to allocate your time and resources more efficiently?



Do you need to have more tailored data to respond more effectively to your environment?



Do you need to identify new markets and keep your current customers satisfied?

Selected industries

Construction Industry


The Unitel helps you to build and manage your Building Information Models (2D, 3D, 4D and 5D). We also help you to understand the spatial relations and geographic information of your projects.
Energy Industry


The Unitel helps you to simulate your energy production and aggregate your big data about understanding consumers’ behaviour, reducing carbon emissions and developing ways to reduce energy consumption.
Transportation Industry


The Unitel helps you to plan your logistics by consolidating shipments and optimising freight movement. We also help you to aggregate you data to understand your consumers’ behaviour and business performance.
Education Industry


Colleges and universities can benefit from the Unitel services by linking their disparate information from across their campus. We apply data-driven decision making to permeate all aspects of campus life and operations.
Fitness Industry


The Unitel helps you to design tailored apps for your members. We can also aggregate data from different resources to optimise your resources, classes and members’ experiences, as well as attract prospective members.
Retail Industry


The Unitel helps you to collect and investigate data from retail and wholesale industry to optimise staffing from shopping patterns, local events and e-commerce. We also help you to analyse your online performance in real time.
Hospitality Industry


The Unitel helps you to aggregate data from different resources to increase your profitability and building customer loyalty. We also use analytics to enable you a better yield-management and improve your marketing.
Gaming Industry


The Unitel helps you to explore data about the engagement of players with your games. We aggregate and analyse data from your game logs to help you answer how to keep your players engaged and coming back for more.
Healthcare Industry


Data-driven healthcare is essential and the Unitel aggregates your data and implements new data analysis tools and strategies, such as standard methods and future-oriented algorithms, for you to have evidence-based actions.

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